Course Description

The course covers the bones of the human cranium in relationship to manual muscle testing and Neurokinetic Therapy level 3 protocol. 

Each bone of the cranium has its own individual section delving into advanced anatomy, connections throughout the body, specific clients to consider, related and reactive muscles, as well as, common facilitated and inhibited pairs of the cranium. 

There are bonus sections covering Lovett Reactors of the spine, cranial nerve challenges, headaches, and an entire "Integration & Implementation" section with case studies demonstrating ways to trace global patterns to local pairs of the cranium. 

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The cost for this Master Course is $350.

Available for unlimited viewing online: no downloads available. 

Jordan Terry

Jordan Shane Terry is a professional manual therapist working with the structure and flow of the human body- helping people to move better, feel better, and play better through the use of movement, touch and awareness. Jordan started studying and teaching the Architecture of structures with actual buildings, graduating with a degree in Architecture from the University of Maryland College Park. He has since taught at Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute in a variety of massage modalities before developing and teaching a Cranium focused course for all professional therapists, Adaptable Polarity.