Course Description

Interested in this course? You must have taken Level I training to be eligible for purchase. Email us at [email protected]

The cost is $250 for those who did not attend the Symposium and $150 for those who have attended the Symposium.

Available for unlimited viewing online: no downloads available.

The following modules are included:

(GA) Refining Manual Muscle Testing by David Weinstock
Learning how to refine your testing in supine, prone, seated, and standing.

(L1) Shoulder by Eric Nelson
This workshop will consist of a review of the functional anatomy of the shoulder, a review of the shoulder testing protocols, a rationale for knowing what and when to test, a strategy of identifying possible compensations, and more!

(GA) Approaching the Limbic System by Carolyn Watson
Learn how to anticipate which situations are more likely to produce a response from the limbic brain, and what actions can be taken to help patients and clients feel safe during treatment.

(L1) Working with Scars by Carolyn Watson
Gain an understanding of how scars are formed and how they may impact motor control in this lecture designed to give a Level 1 student a basic toolkit for dealing with one of the most fascinating and important players in NKT.We will learn release techniques that can be utilized by those with “licenses to touch” as well as techniques for those NKT practitioners, which must operate in fitness/yoga/Pilates environments.

(GA) Anatomy of the Hip Joint by Kathy Dooley
Hip Anatomy - Bony anatomy; Ligamentous anatomy; Muscular anatomy with eccentric and concentric contraction patterns; Common pathological conditions; and How NKT can help.

(L1) Hip Jam by Kathy Dooley
Hip Compression - Common patterns/causes; Common facilitators; Commonly inhibited structures; Proper testing protocol; and Corrective strategies

(GA) RockTape with NKT by Perry Nickelston
What is Rocktape Kinesiology Tape?How tape affects the brain; Taping movement patterns; Taping for facilitation and inhibition; Taping for core activation; Incorporating into NKT treatments.

(L1) Corrective Exercise by Perry Nickelston
What’s the neural edge? Breathing baseline for correctives; Patterning; Low threshold correctives; Common questions; Using position and resistance (4 matrix).

Symposium Instructors

The 2015 NKT Symposium Instructors are: David Weinstock, Eric Nelson, Kathy Dooley, Thomas Wells, Carolyn Watson, Ruben Serrano, Jamie Francis, Len Ershow, Noah Drucker, Perry Nickelston, and Celio Silva.

Course curriculum