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This study group focuses on using Warrior II as an assessment for hip, knee and low back dysfunction. You will learn how to look for valgus and varus abnormalities as well as glute max and rectus femoris strength deficiencies. Attention will be put towards understanding the coupling of inhibited Ab-ductors with facilitated AD-ductors and how to detect weak abdominals and overactive erector spinae. No previous yoga experience is required for this study group. 

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Jory Serota

Jory Serota is the founder of Applied Yoga® and has taught internationally since 2010. He is a pioneer in establishing the link between yoga, physical therapy, personal training and massage. With over 20 years of experience in kinesiology and various movement disciplines, Jory provides a unique and effective approach to treating the human body.Jory is also a NeuroKinetic Therapy Instructor and the co-creator of the NKT Yoga system. He has trained thousands of yoga teachers and bodyworkers and has become an influential figure in shifting the movement and therapy paradigm. He has a remarkable ability to make complex biomechanical information accessible to anyone and help transform people’s pain, dysfunction and injury.Jory worked for 6 years on the professional tennis circuit helping players recover from injury. Since then, he has traveled the world and taught both yoga and bodywork. His mission is to help people eliminate pain, optimize movement potential and support the spiritual well-being of his clients.

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